Welcome to Suyara Industries Pvt. Ltd.

What We Do

Manufacturing of Nutraceutical & Pharmaceutical Derivatives

We are manufacturing base company and develop customized products on lab to plant scale in addition to our Nutraceutical & Pharmaceutical derivatives and we have established supply chain across the globe.

Research & Technology

With a state of art R&D centre and highly qualified team of experts, our capability to develop customised products is unparalleled. We offer services of process development, new product development, contract and custom development.

Manufacturing of Laboratory Reagents

With a state of the art manufacturing facility, we are capable of developing & producing high end laboratory reagents grades. We have references in North America, Europe, Japan, Portugal, Korea, Germany and Asia Pacific. Our products have been widely accepted for its quality, enabling us to serve our customer needs efficiently.

We do Contract Manufacturing

With a state of art R&D centre and highly qualified team of experts we undertake custom manufacturing of of specialty chemicals. Our team has domain expertise in contract research, and an established track record of scaling up from gram to kilo and to scale for plant levels production.